Eight Huge Ice and Snow Sculptures Completed on Chinese Baroque Street

Chinese Baroque Street or Lao Daowai is a neighborhood and tourist destination located in Daowai District, Harbin. On 10th of December, 2020, eight huge ice and snow sculptures were all completed in on this historic street, which really attracted so many vistitors. 

The biggest sculpture is "Snow Great Wall" at South Erdao Street. The name of this works is "Soul and Dream", which is near 55m long, 4.5m wide and 6m high, totally consuming 1500 cubic meters of snow. It was completed within 11 days by Fu Yongcheng, the folk craftsman and his 8 colleagues from Daowai District. Another large snow sculpture is the old house "Fujiadian" located at the crossing between South Erdao Street and Nanxun Street. A huge Chinese character "Happiness", corns and peppers are hung outside the building offering strong northeast life style. "Daowai District in old town not only has Chinese-Western buildings, but also has snow sculptures with special characteristics. We really have a fun here" said by Mr. Yin, a tourist from Shanghai.

Harbin Snowman-making Contests 2021

Staffs of Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Daowai District stated, about 1,000 red lanterns and pendant trees extended over about 30,000m are installed within Daowai District in addition to snow scenery. In addition, memorial archways at South Erdao Street and South Sandao Street are brightened. In the meanwhile, "Intangible cultural heritage street" will be constructed. Light boxes will be used to tell the story of folk craftsman and local specialty food as intangible cultural heritage from old Daowai District, enabling people to visit and understand Daowai District. At present, "winter costumes" for Chinese Baroque Street for historic culture are being prepared and improved as planned. 

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