Activities of Chinese Lantern Festival in Snow Sculpture Art Expo

Harbin Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo will hold 6 wonderful Lantern Festival activities on March 5, 2015, the day of the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival (Yuanxiao Jie). These activities are Rural Sports, Cartoon Dances, Solve Lantern Riddles, Eat Rice Balls, Make Lanterns, and Receive Blessing Cards & Pray for Good Wishes. 

Rural Sports

The Rural Sports had been successfully held many times on the Sun Island in the past few years. In the morning of March 5, Guessing Proverb, "Running Lantern Festival", "Rolling Lantern Festival", and Eating Rice Balls Game competitions will be held in the sports. 

Cartoon Dances 

Cartoon dances will be on in front of the main snow sculpture of the 27th Harbin Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo  to pray for favorable weather, happy and peace. 

Solve Lantern Riddles

Lantern riddles are riddles that were written on the lanterns that are displayed during the lantern festival. The riddles may also have been pasted onto walls for public entertainment, or simply written for private amusement. The first mention of of the custom of pasting riddles onto the Lantern Festival lanterns occurs in Zhou Wu's memoirs of life in the Southern Song Dynasty's capital Hangzhou. Some people would cut out poems and verses and paste them onto silk lanterns; these would satirize or ridicule topical events, with grotesque or humorous pictures of people, and hidden meanings and obscure words, as well as jokes current in the old capital, all intended to poke fun at the passers-by. Historically, the subjects of the riddles were traditional songs, poems, stories or historical events. People very much enjoy the challenge of solving these riddles, and lantern riddle parties are sometimes held at temples on the night of the Lantern Festival. These contests show that the lanterns not only provide aesthetic pleasure, but also serve to celebrate and express Chinese history and culture. 

The activity will be held in Zuolong Square (Sitting Dragons Square) and the main snow sculpture area. There will be a lot of hanging riddles board, people who can solve the riddles on the lanterns will get a special gift.

Eat Rice Balls

Rice Balls, taking the meaning of reunion, is a symbol of family unity, harmony and happiness. In the day of the festival, visitors who participate in the activity can free tasting hot Rice Balls.

Make Lanterns

Lantern is a symbol of happy for Chinese people. During Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, Chinese people will hang lanterns to create the auspicious atmosphere for festival. On the Sun Island, the activity organizer will recruit families of three with children aged from 5 to 12 to make and hang lanterns on-site.   

Receive Blessing Cards and Pray for Good Wishes

Every visitor participating in the activities will receive a free blessing card from the Snow Sculpture Art Expo. Visitors can hang blessing card on both sides of the blessing walls along the blessing road or anywhere they like to express their good wishes for friends and family, work and life, etc. 

Celebrate Lantern Festival in Harbin Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo 2015

Celebrate traditional Chinese Lantern Festival on Sun Island

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