2013 Harbin Holiday Schedule: 1 Day Off During the Ice and Snow Festival

Harbin municipal government office announced the 2013 holiday arrangements on Dec. 18. The city will have 30 days holiday in 2013. On January 5, 2013, the day when the Ice and Snow Festival open, the Harbin city residents will get 1 day off. The specific arrangements for 2013 New Year's Day, Ice and Snow Festival, Spring Festival, Qing Ming Festival, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day as follow:

2013 New Year's Day: Jan. 1-3

Ice and Snow Festival: Jan. 5

Spring Festival: Feb 9-15

Qing Ming Festival: Apr. 4-6

Labor Day: Apr. 29 - May 1

Dragon Boat Festival: Jun. 10-12

Mid-Autumn Festival: Sep. 19-21

National Day: Oct. 1-7

The ice castles in 2012 Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

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