Harbin Ice and Snow World Won the "Annual Best Theme Park" Award

On Jan 26, 2015, the Chinese Tourism Conference was sponsored by Tourism Satellite TV in Beijing. After the data collection and evaluation of domestic and international major authoritative institutions as well as the tourism experts and scholars, Harbin Ice and Snow World was finally awarded the “Annual Best Theme Park" . The award is the highest annual award in Chinese tourism industry. In the award ceremony, Harbin Cultural Tourism Group vice general manager Liu Ruiqiang accepted the award and addressed the meeting. 

According to the report, the 16th Harbin Ice and Snow World is themed as the “Snow County Wonderland, Ice Day Landscape ", which makes a perfect combination of creativity & technology, ice- snow & folk customs, art & the product and carves out of an extraordinary ice and snow wonderland. This year, the park offers some highlights as follow: 

Highlight 1: Ice and Snow Show 

In the show area, wonderful acrobatics and European style dances are showed every evening. It is reported that every show is fully packed and performances are highly praised; visitors who want to watch the show need to line up 30 minutes in advance. 

Showing time: 17:30-18:30 19:30-20:30

Highlight 2: Ice and Snow Elves Arts Palace 

In the Ice and Snow Elves Art Palace, there are series of tourist souvenirs meticulously built by Harbin Culture Travel Group who invested 50 million Yuan. It debuted 20 categories, more than 600 products of creative souvenirs, which use ice and snow elements with a variety of elves images. There is also a small T station in the Ice and Snow Elves Art Palace, performing and showing ice and snow elves and other series of tourism products.

Catwalk show Time: 17: 00 - 20: 00 every night; 10 minutes per field, performance every half an hour.

Highlight 3: Big group dancing

The Ice and Snow World features a giant stage, where is timely held carnival square dance every evening. Sometimes, more than 10,000 tourists enjoy dancing there at the same time. 

Show time: 18:30 -19:00 19:30-20:00

Highlight 4: Three hundred meters big ice slide

The 300 meters of the big ice slide is known as the most popular entertainment item in the park. The color of each stage of the slide will change with tourists’ mood during their rapid decline. 

Opening time: all day for free. Note: Due to routine maintenance and repair, part of the slide temporarily closed everyday in the morning. 

Highlight 5: Colorful entertainment

The 16th Harbin Ice and Snow World features a lot of interesting entertainments, including skating, skiing, snow biking, bumper cars, snowmobiling, snow tanks, snow scooter, etc.

Opening time:

1. Ski Resort 9: 00 - 15: 30 am, original 100 Yuan / person, now is preferential 60 Yuan / person. After 15:30, free and open to visitors.

2. Snowmobile, bumper cars, snow tanks and other amusements, open free after 15:30 every day.

3. The rest of entertainments: open all day for free.

Performance in Harbin Ice and Snow World Park 2015

Harbin Ice and Snow World 2015

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