Beijing Bird's Nest Becomes A Ski Resort

At present, all seats in the southern audience area in the Bird's Nest arena have been removed and staff members are installing water-proof facilities covering the ground. The area will be transformed into a ski slope with a six degree angle, which will be 80 meters long and 80 meters wide. The Bird's Nest arena will be divided into five functional activity areas including a ski area, a snow games area, an interactive games area, a performance area and a scenic area. Tourists entering from the southern entrance can ride snow circles to enter the "Happy Snow and Ice Season" activity center. Ticket prices include the cost of two free rides on the circles.



The main activities in the arena are the "snow games" because they contain many types of games, such as "step by step winner takes all" contests with six competitions, including human bowling and a single-plank bridge. Tourists who win all the six competitions will be awarded. Tourists can also experience childhood games such as snowball fights, snowmen making and a snow tug of war in a world of ice and snow.

In addition, a performance area has been set up in the northern section of the Bird’s Nest arena. There is a 20.08 meter-high mountain stage, on which dozens of stars will perform. The eastern and western sections of the four functional areas contain green plants and snow sculptures to create a scenic area for tourists to see the snow.

The most attractive warm-up area in the Bird's Nest is a 10 meter-high, 100 meter-long unrestricted ski area that is designed to allow urban skiers and snowboarders to experience the joys of skiing. There are also snowmobile and "animal forest" games, and it is possible to experience dog sledding.


Entrance Tickets for Bird's Nest Ski Resort

Adult: 50;    Student: 25

Tickets for Snow Paradise

General: 80    Holiday: 140

Tickets for every-day pass:

General: 120   Holiday: 180    Student: 20  


Dec. 20, 2012 - Feb. 24, 2013

Opening Time:



Olympic Green Village, Chaoyang District

How to Get

Bus 113, 386, 407, 656, 737, 740, 753, 804, 827, 939, 944, 983, or the Olympics special-route bus

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