800 Postcards Daily Sent from Ice and Snow World

It is reported that in the past few days more than 800 postcards and greeting cards were sent to all over the world from the Ice and Snow World Post Office every day. 

The organizers said most tourists who visit the Ice and Snow World would like to pay a visit to the Ice and Snow Post Office and buy some postcards to send to their friends and family. Every day, more than 1,000 sets of postcards and greeting cards are sold and sent to other Chinese cities, South Korea, Japan, British, the United States, and some other countries. 

The Ice and Snow Post Office is set up at the southeast corner of the park, where is the famous spot of “Bingju Great Landscape”. In the warm post office, ten series of postcards are sold to the tourists, including the ice lantern series, the uphold Ice series, the rime series, etc. tourists can choose their favorites and then ask the post office to postmark them. Dong Miaomiao, a post office staff said that the most popular postcards are the ice lantern series, which account for half of all the sold every day. Apart from postmarking on postcards, they also enjoy postmarking on their tickets, notebooks, even on their clothes and hats. 

Currently, Harbin Ice and Snow World is being tailored to postcards which themed as this year’s ice landscape. In addition, the post office is showing Czech Republic’s cultural products and selling Harbin straw painting handicrafts. 

2015 Harbin Ice and Snow World Post Office

Tourists in Harbin Ice and Snow World Post Office

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