"Night of Harbin" Will Light Up Boao Forum 2020

The Boao Forum 2020 for Entrepreneurs will be held in Boao, Hainan province on December 4-5, 2020. Being the first time to be one of the sponsors, Harbin will host the Night of Harbin for "Building dreams at Boao through joint wisdom in harmony", which is an important part of this forum, where the resources endowment will be demonstrated and distinct characteristics of the city will be highlighted for Harbin in all directions, at different angles and at different levels, thereby extending the communication power and influence of the city brand for Harbin.

The Boao Forum 2020 for Entrepreneurs will be jointly hosted by Xinhua Net, News and Information Center of Xinhua News Agency, China Economic Information Service, China Fortune Media Group, New Media Center of Xinhua News Agency and Xinhua Daily Telegraph. With "Carry forward entrepreneurship and integrate into new development pattern" as the theme, this forum will invite leaders of related departments, well-known economists and entrepreneurs to study and judge current economic situations in China and interpret the contents of new development pattern as strategy and effective path of realization, thereby carrying forward entrepreneurship, cultivating new opportunities in the crisis, developing new opportunities amongst the changing situations and forging new advantages for the future development.

The Night of Harbin for "Building dreams at Boao through joint wisdom in harmony" will be hosted at International Conference Center of Boao Forum for Asia on 4th of December, 2020, where Harbin will demonstrate its advantages over resources endowment, highlight distinct characteristics of the city as a developing city, an innovation city, a reform city, an ecological city, an open city and a happy city, and show its magnificent ice and snow sceneries, strongly European style, the arts of charming music and the vigor of a fashionable city. In parallel, communication and exchange with new and old friends from Harbin will take place on economy, trade, technology and humanistic cooperation. As a "City of Music" as granted by the United Nations, the domestically and internationally distinguished Harbin Symphony Orchestra and Harbin Ballet will make on-site performance for emotional conveyance by "music" and meeting friends through "dancing". In the meanwhile, opening ceremony for "Harbin, the pearl on the ice and snow crown" will go live.

The Boao Forum for Entrepreneurs has been successfully hosted for four times, and serve as the platform to entertain yearly ideological feast and high-end communications for business elites in China. This forum will host the opening ceremony for Boao Forum for Entrepreneurs, scholar sharing meetings, Chinese Entrepreneur Round Table, Night of Harbin for "Building dreams at Boao through joint wisdom in harmony", China Fortune Summit, China Food Development Conference 2020 , 2020 (the 10th) Energy High Leaders Dialogue, 2020 Healthcare Future Summit, Medical Field Managers Round Table, China Entrepreneurship Round Table, 2020 Cultural and Economic Development Forum, Forum for 5G Adding Energy Industry Summit, 2020 Digital Marketing Summit and etc. Concerned government authorities at city level and key enterprises of Harbin will participate in main forums and parallel forums for experience sharing, exchange on achievement and outlook of the future.

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